Now that you’ve booked your stunning wedding venue and killer DJ, the next step is to decide who will officiate the ceremony.

Our wedding clients almost undoubtedly ask us for a recommendation for an officiant. Here are the names we give out consistently for meaningful and memorable ceremonies in Toronto and surrounding area.

Jeremy Citron from All You Need Is Love – Jeremy is a congregational minister, so he can bring the religious angle into the ceremony if you like. He is originally from Wales, so he has a soothing accent giving his ceremonies a formal, dignified air. He’s also just the right amount of humour to keep it light, without creating a comedy-hour vibe. Jeremy was the officiant at weddings for some of our DJs and our DJs family members, so we trust him infinitely. Contact

Martin Frith from Ceremonies With Choice – Martin is a secular humanist wedding officiant, so his clients are typically non-religious, many from mixed faiths and/or same-sex. He is a kind and compassionate man, and his ceremonies reflect his desire to make this special part of the day memorable and meaningful. We’ve worked with him dozens of times, and are always happy to do so. Contact

Tade Credgeur from The Marrying Lady – Tade is making the rounds these days, we seem to cross her path almost every weekend somewhere in the city. She’s outgoing and fun, and loves social media too. You can find her using the handle @themarryinglady or by email

Christiane Bristow from Ceremonies To Remember – Christiane brings a confident balance between light and serious. She’s kind and fun when it calls for it, and down to business when it matters most. Like us, she focuses on downtown Toronto venues. Contact

Denise Handlarski from The Secular Synagogue – Rabbi Denise marries couples looking for a culturally Jewish approach. As an intermarried rabbi she loves bringing different cultural traditions into a wedding. She also officiates for people looking for humanist ceremony options. She tries to make ceremonies feel warm, personal, and sweet. Contact

Sarah Bunnett-Gibson – We’ve worked with Sarah many times in Toronto. She’s calm and creative, and has years of experience. Contact

Sarah Boyer Messenger from Sarahmonies –  Sarah is another Humanist we’ve enjoyed working with. She has a great sense of humour, and can boast having done ceremonies at the ACC and the Rogers Centre for sports fans. Contact

Jeana Swash & Mickey Cirak from Dream Wedding Officiants. We worked with Jeana & Mickey recently. Jeana on a wedding last year at the Glen Erin Inn where she was pleasant and professional, and has a family-run team behind her. e worked with good-natured Mickey at Archeo in the Distillery, where he created a fun and casual atmosphere for the rest of the day to come.

Had a great experience with an officiant? Tell us about it! Leave a comment below.

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