Are you looking to book an amazing live musician for your wedding or corporate event?

Our talented roster of Toronto’s finest event musicians are not only talented, they are fun, friendly and engaging with your crowd. We aspire to be the perfect blend of classic and contemporary, to be able to entertain guests across generations.

Our musicians are experienced, and run a deep catalogue of song selections to choose from. We are happy to work with you to customize the performance to suit your event and tastes.

Performances range from short solo sets to trio and quartet combinations. We have clients looking for musicians who can play along with a DJ, and we also arrange for stand alone bookings.

Corporate Samples

What better way to impress your guests than with a live performance? Here are some samples from recent corporate events, which can all be found on our YouTube page:

Solo Saxophone – “Peaches”

Solo Electric Violin – “Despacito”

Solo Electric Violin – “Wake Me Up”

Solo & Group Performances – Electric Violin, Saxophone and Vocals – Medley

Wedding Samples

Solo – our violinists are energetic and engaging. They are comfortable working the room and they don’t force their performance.

Solo Electric Violin – “I Ain’t Got You”

Solo Electric Violin – “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”

Duo – in this example the saxophone is performing the same role as a string instrument would in this situation. Saxophone and violin is also our most popular package.

Duo Saxophone & Electric Violin – “Shape Of You”

Duo Saxophone & Electric Violin – Medley

Trio – we strive to keep all of our offerings modern and fresh. This trio uses a guitar instead of a viola. This allows for a wider range of repertoire and a richer sound. 

Trio Electric Violin, Electric Bass & Guitar – “Hotel California”

Trio Electric Violin, Electric Bass & Guitar – “The Prayer”

Trio Electric Violin, Electric Bass & Guitar – “My Girl”

Quartet – specializes in performing current top 40 hits. They can also write and perform custom arrangements of requested songs. We often see clients choose this option for the bridal walk to make it a really special and personal experience.

Quartet Four Strings – “That’s What I Like”

To inquire or book a musician, please click on this link and specify that you are interested in booking a musician.