Events in 2021 had a lot in common; COVID concerns reduced capacity sizes, giving us cause to come up with creative ways to use outdoor spaces, and end of the night times were often set for earlier than usual. With the benefits of live streaming, we embraced smaller guest counts of closer family members, coworkers and friends, and got to celebrate our milestones with those truly closest to us, or out on patio enjoying great tunes long past typical patio season.

As DJs, we’ve noticed some music trends that will likely carry forward into 2022 when dancing returns. It wasn’t a huge year for new music, but there were some clear new tracks that stood out as winners. Many of the biggest hits at the events we threw were nostalgia songs, throwbacks that will make you think this is a top chart from 2010. Here are our observations on music trends after packing in 150 celebrations into the past 6 months, and the Spotify list for you to listen along!


Dua Lipa Rules – No new artist emerged from the ashes of the pandemic with more favour than this star. Nearly every clients’ music request list include one of her songs, with “Don’t Start Now” having the best impact on the dance floor (Purple Disco Machine Remix in club settings), followed closely by the catchy sample of White Town’s “Your Woman” in “Love Again”. We can’t wait to see what she puts out in 2022.

Ra Ra Rasputin – When the Peloton commercial was launched, this became an instant classic. Majestic x Boney M’s take on the classic wedding banger “Rasputin” hits at any kind of party, from crowds of young and hip to old and wise.

Latin Club Banger – “Pepas” by Farrako became a massive tune with just a few weeks left to go in party season. If the crowd was young and fun and up to date on their hits, this one topped them all in November and December.

Major Lazer’s Remixed Gold – Without their spin on her track “Don’t Go Yet”, Camilla Cabello’s newest track is hard to play in party mode. But this one hits hard in all the right ways.

Lots Of Love – SHOUSE emerged as a popular request with their house hit “Love Tonight”. Easy to sing along to and mix in and out with other tracks, this always seemed to get good pop from the crowd. Probably won’t be a hit for long, but it had a nice little run. The Alterboy remix for the clubs was our go-to.

The Weeknd Has Landed – If there was ever any doubt about our modern day DJs talent, the Canadian has established his permanency with “Blinding Lights”, “Take My Breath” and “Save Your Tears.” Tommy Glasses’ remix of “Take My Breath” was our top choice.

Bieber Reaches Maturity – His fans are much older now, and so too has his sound matched it. “Peaches” and “Stay” both helped speed up the process.

Right Said Drake – The third and biggest in the Canadian trifecta released his new album and the very same day every one at every party everywhere wanted to hear “Way 2 Sexy” on repeat. The song likely doesn’t have staying power out of this year, but it sure did make a splash! In a club setting, the Sorensen Remix went over big time.

Smooth Sounds Of Silk Sonic – Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are a match made in RnB heaven. “Skate” is the high energy track from the album that creates all the good feels. Bruno, if you are listening, a solo album in 2022 please! 

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag – “Kiss Me” was a summer jam that leaked its way on to the dancef loor at the right parties. Doja and SZA stole from Olivia Newton-John and gave us a jam worth cranking.


AVICII Forever – Without question, night after night, the pinnacle song at the height of dancing is “Levels”. It doesn’t matter the age of the clients or the venue, this song was requested and played to bring the masses to a higher level, no pun intended. “Wake Me Up” also hits every time, and is enjoyed across the demographics. 

David Guetta x Calvin Harris – Night after night we hear “Can you play some old bangers by Calvin Harris or David Guetta?” And so many to choose from, you could play half an hour of these hits to keep the crowd jumping. The demand for “Sexy Bitch” “Feel So Close” and all the other songs they put forth with that same energy are topping the request lists.

Rihanna Is Still Queen – While Dua Lipa bangs, Ri Ri slays. What were once the biggest songs of the night have re-emerged and are hitting harder than ever. The list includes “Please Don’t Stop The Music”, “Only Girl In The World”, “We Found Love” and the slower sing along “Umbrella”.

Oh My God, Usher – “Yeah!” has been a perennial part of our playlists every season since the day it was released. But some of the pop tunes Usher unleashed in the 2000s had their height of popularity and then faded. Now, they are back with a vengeance, leading the charge with “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” and “OMG”. Jump Smokers remix of “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” is a killer.

It’s Britney, Bitch – due to her recent media attention and streaming documentaries, Britney has been on everyones mind all year long. “Hit Me Baby” or “Oops I Did It Again” are great ways to get the party started, and “Work Bitch” or “Slave” bang when the party is in full swing.

Rick Rolling On The Dance Floor – “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley is the most copied and pasted link of all time. After so many views, it was bound to become and ear worm. Requested or not, this song always brings smiles to faces of those young and old for a classic sing along moment.

Moshing For Punk Rock – Blink 182 reminds me of sitting in my dorm room with my floor-mates in 1998. Apparently it also makes 30somethings want to jump up and down. “All The Small Things” has never been requested more than this summer, and when followed up with Sum 41’s “Fat Lip” and The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” causes mass hysteria, in the good way.

To book one of our great DJs for 2022, armed with all of these awesome tracks, click here. See you on the dance floor next year!