We set out to accomplish a seemingly impossible task: to define the greatest dance floor hits across all genres and decades, specifically with a wedding party of mixed ages in mind.

Our DJs were asked to choose not only the best songs they play the most often that kill, but those that also mean the most to them personally. We put our musical hearts and heads together and sparked countless hours of debate, some of which we selected snippets and shared in the comments after each track.

These songs are iconic, not cheesy or overplayed, and will continue to pack a wedding dance floor with positive cool vibes for years to come. Without further ado, let’s start the party. Fire up your Spotify, crank up the volume, and dance along to Team Floh Back’s Top 50 Dance Floor Bangers of All Time for weddings!

1. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough – Michael Jackson: Allan calls our top pick MJ’s Pop Music Masterpiece. “Definitely my favourite song of all time. Nothing really compares to this song for me,” says Adrien. “It’s not even a discussion…so don’t try to discuss it with me.” “It just feels so right,” says Daniel.

2. Be Faithful – Fatman Scoop & Crooklyn Clan: “Did you ever think that a song with the lyric ‘all the chicken heads be quiet’ would be a smash hit?” says Adrien. “The epitome of 2000s Hip Hop songs for the club,” says Gerald. “Sneaking into the nightclubs as a teen, I’d spend a good amount of time being mindful of the DJs and their music selection at certain times of the night. I’ve learned this song was always at the peak of the night, which got the whole crowd going and took the energy in the room through the roof. This is more than likely on my setlist every night!” says Earl. “After 22 years this song still makes an impression on the dance floor. Just the first 10 seconds can hype up a crowd like they’re listening to it for the first time,” says Spencer.

3. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars: “My favourite pop hit from 2014 that sounds like 1984. Crowd pleaser every time,” says Allan. “Look for the 60 minutes interview with Bruno Mars playing this song live and talking about how he wants to crush other artists when he goes on stage and it will give you the essence this song was created from,” says Adrien.

4. Danza Kuduro – Don Omar & Lucenzo: “Probably one of the best party songs to come out period. When it comes on nobody knows the title or artist but it obliterates the dance floor every single time,” says Adrien. “You can’t resist to start dancing, or at least feel like you’re on a party resort somewhere in the Caribbean, especially when the song starts with someone shouting DANZA!” says Earl. “Wow – what a party song,” says Daniel. “Many will have no idea what they are even saying, but all of them, and then some, will certainly make their way to the dance floor!”

5. September – Earth Wind & Fire: “One of the best songs to get a mixed crowd of ages and backgrounds onto the dance floor,” says Gerald. “Being born in September, this song is a no brainer. Incredible is the closest word in the English language that I can use to describe how it makes me feel whenever it’s played,” says Mike. “It’s a party staple!” adds Daniel. “This can take you full disco, satisfy a particular crowd…but any which way it certainly just feels right for everyone.  This group has a world-class catalogue to check out, and even include in a DJ set, but this tops off the ‘must play’ from their library.”

6. Hey Ya! – Outkast: “Outkast is pure talent. One of the rare groups that is beloved by everyone. Together Andre 3000 and Big Boi raised the bar for pop music. The song never fails to revive a dance floor, and I frequently find myself shaking it like a Polaroid picture,” says Spencer. “When you drop the intro, everybody knows what’s coming,” says Danny. “If there was someone in the room who wasn’t dancing yet, this is usually the one to put them over the edge.”

7. Murder She Wrote – Shaka Demus & Pliers: “Released in ’92 and still one of the biggest dancehall tracks of all time. Love this song so much and I can’t put it into words,” says Mike. “One of the most universally loved & known Dancehall joints that everyone will dance to,” says Gerald. “The crowd likely won’t know the words,” ads Daniel. “But if you are going anywhere near reggae or dancehall…I would definitely go here.  You will see the backs arch, the backsides kick out, and people will do their best wine.”

8. I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston: “The unofficial queen of pop blessed us all with this song, and I owe it to her to play it as much as possible. No matter the age demographic is at a party, it gets the people moving (including myself),” says Mike. “What used to be a song largely for those enjoying music of the 1980s, has fully crossed eras and come alive,” says Daniel. “I see young and old with huge smiles on their faces, making eye contact with those around them and singing at the top of their lungs. What a chorus!” Danny adds, “sometimes I like to use the Fatman Scoop remix version for a more Caribbean flavour, but the original can’t be beat.”

9. Yeah! – Usher feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris: “This is a track that I find is good to start right away with or near the beginning of the night. Most people know it and it is a good one to use especially if the client has a ‘we trust you to choose the music to get the party going’ vibe about them,” says Ben. “All you have to do is let those 4 synth notes play….and people light up,” says Daniel.

10. No Diggity – Blackstreet: “Is it possible that a song gets better every time you hear it? This Dr. Dre produced jam packs the floor every time, and I feel like my end of the night sets build towards the moment when I can play ‘Heyo Heyo Heyo Heyyooooo’,” says Danny.

11. 24K Magic – Bruno Mars: “When I want to up the BPM I usually get this one going. It’s recognizable immediately and is a great one for all ages to dance to,” says Ben. “Smash! Certainly a go-to track for me – it appeals to a very diverse crowd and people just inherently dance,” says Daniel.

12. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) – ABBA: “I don’t know who we have to credit for bringing this song out of the ashes (Madonna, Til Tok) but this is by far one of the most requested songs at just about any party. And the reaction on the dance floor is always the same…build build build to the chorus and then everyone is screaming their lungs out!” says Danny. “I agree – this tune came back with a fury and is almost always requested. Little do they know…I was going to play it anyway,” says Daniel.

13. Crazy In Love – Beyonce ft. Jay-Z: “Queen Bey was crowned royalty with this track, and its never gotten stale. You could be at any function, club party or wedding and this will fit in somehow. It’s timeless. And the best fur is chinchilla, period,” says Danny.

14. (Everybody) Backstreet’s Back – Backstreet Boys: “I almost always get a look of shock or even disdain from someone when this tune comes on. But that someone, and everyone else, will be singing along in no time,” says Daniel. “Credit must be given where it’s due, and this song tears up dance floors every time it is played. Still a massive track today,” says Mike.

15. Temperature – Sean Paul: “So many great Sean Paul tracks to play….but this one connects with a party crowd better than any of the others,” says Daniel. “Who doesn’t like Sean Paul at a party? When the dance floor is already banging this one really makes the “temperature” rise one level. Sorry I had to…” says Ben.

16. Gyal You A Party Animal – Charly Black: “Coming up as a DJ, this was one of those songs I would always mix in,” says Alvin. “Loved how the crowd would react to it when played, and the overall vibe it created with everyone dancing and singing to it.” “I like to start most parties with this song or something with a similar vibe. I have a remix that I usually play and have always had a good experience getting the crowd going with it” says Ben.

17. Give Me Everything – Pitbull Feat. Ne-Yo & Afrojack: “A lot of people think Pit Bull sucks but does he? I mean this song is massive and still gets the party going,” says Adrien.

18. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson: “I guarantee this song will spark at least one person in the room to attempt a Michael Jackson impersonation,” says Gerald.

19. I Love It – Icona Pop Feat. Charli XCX: “There’s something about yelling “I don’t care, I love it” at the top of your lungs that feels so satisfying. This song makes you pump your fist like your at the jersey shore. As an electronic music fan, I enjoy playing this song because it’s as close to EDM as I can get,” says Spencer. “Yep, people will be screaming it at the top of their lungs,” agrees Daniel. “I like to play this later in the night, especially coming out of a more down-tempo tune.”

20. Fantasy (Remix) – Mariah Carey Feat. O.D.B.: “Yo, New York in the house!” I know the original is also timeless, but for me its gotta be the remix,” says Danny. “I have always been a big fan of Mariah (she’s on Fiyah!) but this is the pinnacle of her party hits. And now with Latto’s “Big Energy” this song is even more relevant.” Daniel agrees, “I remember when this song first came out and how good it felt on the dance-floor…well, this hasn’t changed. The 80s sample brings familiarity for some, the lyrics are easy, and then you have the ODB ‘Me and Mariiaahhhh’ that everyone loves. Never met someone that dislikes this tune.”

21. Fireball – Pitbull: “This song is a bit goofy, but man does it bang,” says Danny. “I’ve seen wild things happen in the room when this one is dropped.”

22. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift: “A track that makes you feel good all over, yet has powerfully positive lyrical content. Not a big fan of Taylor Swift, but I am of this song. Truly awesome!” says Mike.

23. Shake Señora – Pitbull Feat. T-Pain, Ludacris & Sean Paul: “This contemporary take of the classic “Jump In The Line” blew me away the first time I heard it. If I start dancing by myself when I am searching for music, I know its going to be huge. I play this almost every time, the energy is massive and gets everyone of any age jumpin’,” says Danny.

24. Low – Flo Rida: “In the last decade the desire for nostalgia has become popular. And because of the internet feeling nostalgic is now easier than ever. I get that same nostalgic feeling whenever I play Low. It’s the perfect party song with a little bit of everything; pop, rap, and boots with the fur,” says Spencer.

25. Levels – Avicii: “I like to play this when I want to go into the more upbeat/happy Top 40 bangers. If I have a crowd in front me that’s a big EDM fan like me this song will make for a great transition into some EDM bangers,” says Ben.

26. Calabria 2007 – Enur Feat Natasja: “Every time I play Calabria 2007 someone asks me what the song is called. Calabria 2007 is one of those unique songs that everyone recognizes but doesn’t know the title. I think that’s because the song and the saxophone are so hypnotizing that people just forget to look it up. This song has been in my playlist for 10 years, and I don’t see myself replacing it any time soon,” says Spencer.

27. We Found Love – Rihanna: “What a smash hit! It’s been over 10 years and this song just keeps giving and giving. It’s timeless,” says Daniel. “There are a number of Rihanna or Calvin Harris hits but this one is the creme de la creme at any party. Hey, I even get into it! Clap along, sing the hook, or, like most, get on the dance floor and just have such a good time. If you are ever unsure of what to play….know that you got this tune to light up the party.

28. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey: Allan admits “It’s played out, but it still continues to rock the party. Do not break glass until after the alcohol has really been flowing.”

29. Home For A Rest – Spirit Of The West: “The first time I heard Home For A Rest I was assisting a DJ at a wedding. When he played this song the crowed erupted with excitement and sang along to every word. I learned quickly that this was a song to pay attention to! I was mesmerized by the fast pace tempo blended with the east coast sound. This song is a must have in a wedding playlist, especially if you’re a true Canadian,” says Spencer. Daniel agrees, “It has been a smash success at parties for the past 30 years. I almost feel a Canadian Wedding would be incomplete without playing this track.”

30. Starships – Nicki Minaj: “I try to sneak this one in to my sets right when the energy is about to peak. As soon as she screams ‘Higher than a M@#&her F%&*er’ everyone starts jumping up and down. It’s a beautiful thing to watch,” says Danny.

31. SexyBack – Justin Timberlake Feat. Timbaland: “Timeless. I’ll usually play this after the drinks have being flowing for a while and the dance floor is going strong,” says Ben.

32. Don’t You Want Me – The Human League: Retro crowd pleaser that everyone loves to sing the chorus with, even if you weren’t an 80s kid,” says Allan.

33. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley: “Part hit song, part internet meme, and even part novelty song to laugh about,” says Daniel. “But I assure you it’s a song that gets people dancing. I may use it has my bridge to a retro 80s set, but even as a standalone it feels right and so many people know it for so many different reasons.  One of those songs that I always aim to play as it has a diverse fanbase and people just love singing along and having fun on the dance-floor.”

34. Twist & Shout – The Beatles: “Beginning of the night, end of the night, doesn’t matter. People will come running from all corners of the room. If they only dance to one song at the party, it will likely be this. Nobody sits when Paul tells you to shake it up, baby,” says Danny.

35. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Usher: “This song was a smasher right out the gate,” says Danny. “I still remember the first time I played it and watched the reaction from people going nuts. The song lost a little lustre but has made a serious comeback and now I think is here to stay. Sometimes I play the Jump Smokers remix with a little more energy behind it, but the original is certified banger too.”

36. Stop – Spice Girls: “This might be one of the cheesiest songs that makes the list, complete with hand actions and goofy lyrics. But if we are talking about songs that bang every time, this has to be on the list. Girls and boys of all ages love it, and will scream the moment it comes on. I never even seem to be able to cut it off early without facing the wrath of someone who wanted to hear every last note,” says Danny.

37. What’s Luv? – Fat Joe Ft. Ashanti: “The moment I hear this song I am instantly transported back to my university years, some of the best parties I’ve ever thrown. This is a nostalgia tune for me, but clearly I am not the only one based on the reaction it always gets,” says Danny. “I can jam to this song any day and everyday,” agrees Alvin. “This song is timeless and always has me singing along to the lyrics, it is perfect for a millennial party.”

38. Play The Funky Music – Wild Cherry: “I don’t always play this song, but when I am trying to please the older generation this one never fails. It’s one of the few songs I know all the lyrics too, I’m still getting ripped from my family for jumping on stage and belting this out at my cousins wedding,” says Danny.

39. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock: “Since I started DJing, I always play this song every event with an overwhelmingly positive response. So much so I would often leave the booth and shuffle with everyone on the dance floor. The group may not have lasted long, but you cannot deny the impact they made in such a short time,” says Spencer

40. Mr. Brightside – The Killers: “Rock songs are often more difficult to pull off at events, but this one is a sure-shot,” says Daniel. “It’s just one of those songs that makes people come alive and sing along (or attempt to). It’s always a nice change from the more rhythmic music, even though this still carries a pulsating tempo, and it’s often a song that I use to engage some of that crowd that hasn’t been dancing or singing thus far.”

41. Feel So Good – Mase: “This a 1am drop played right from the beginning. The opening always gets those who know amped up for the coming 90s Hip Hop RNB set,” says Allan. “I agree, love that intro and a fun transition into some throwback hip-hop and R&B,” says Daniel.

42. Get Low – Lil Jon & the Eastside Boys feat. The Yin Yang Twins: “An absolute banger for the dance floor! This song gets everyone grooving and dancing,” says Alvin. “As long as you play this song by a window & a wall, you can’t miss,” says Gerald.

43. Wannabe – Spice Girls: “Their first single clearly became the most iconic pop song of the 90’s. I dare you to prove me wrong,” says Mike.

44. Happy – Pharrell Williams: “If you can name me a song that puts a smile immediately on your face as soon as the first beat drops, I’ll be ‘happy’ to buy you lunch. Such a dam good song!” says Mike

45. Get Lucky – Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers: “I am a huge Daft Punk fan and despite striving to be a crowd-pleasing DJ I do selfishly always find a way to get this one in the mix (unless of course someone had it on their “do not play” list!). When I think “timeless” I think of this song,” says Ben. “I would agree that there is a timelessness to this tune,” says Daniel. “This is a combo of some stellar talent…and no doubt results in a killer track.”

46.  Fat Boy – Max-A-Million: “When dance music meets dancehall, this is the sweet result is a child call Fat Boy. By far, one of greatest dance hits of all time and I make sure it’s played as often as possible,” says Mike.

47. Follow Me – Aly-Us: “The #1 song to get the entire room up for a line dance!” says Gerald.

48. Staying’ Alive – The Bee Gees: “I think everyone who was around in the 80s wanted to be Jon Travolta. And they still do. Play this song, and the moves will emerge every time,” says Danny.

49. Levitating – Due Lipa: “There are many world class, smash Dua Lipa songs – one of those artists that you could find me playing 2, 3, 4 of her songs in a night,” Says Daniel.

50. Dancing Queen – ABBA: “I’ve been DJing for 25 years and if I had to tally up the most requested song I’ve ever had, its probably this one. As an opener, a break, or a closer, this song bangs every time,” says Danny.

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