If you grew up in Toronto, you likely have similarly vivid childhood memories of the Toronto Islands; taking the huge ferry over, seeing the skyline, and riding the swan and train rides circling a metal track while your parents took photos. 

The Floh Backs circa 1986

The skyline has changed a lot in 20 years!

As an adult, the Islands became a place to party. A couple of times in my 20s I boarded a sweaty, packed ferry shuffling anxious attendees to Virgin Fest or Wake Stock, both of which I DJed. Nobody, least of all me, was thinking about the view of the skyline or the peacefulness of the beaches on those weekends!

Wake Stock 2007

The magical ferry ride view


The photo seen here above of Cathy & Neil having their ceremony at the RCYC got more traction on facebook than any other photo we have ever posted.

Now in adulthood, this has become a popular destination for our clients’ weddings, particularly at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC). The RCYC ballroom, seen below in full dance party mode, has a classic ship-like vibe to the room, and can accommodate upwards of 180 guests.  The RCYC has a strict last call, so at the end of the night everyone boards the private ferry together, giving guests one last hazy look at the night skyline before being shuttled to the main land.

The RCYC Banquet Room

Recently, friends and I went to Ward’s Island for a beach day. We took the $7 return ferry, ate awesome burgers at the Islands Cafe, and swam in the south-facing water. We even got to see the newly unveiled “Jack Layton Ferry Terminal” sign, which also has special memories as I got the chance to interview him during my time as a reporter with CTV, but also had the esteemed pleasure of DJing his daughters’ wedding at the Capitol Theatre.  

So whether you are looking for a place to get the guitar out, or possibly scout a quintessential Toronto venue for your upcoming wedding, enjoy a day at the island before summer comes to a close. Maybe I’ll see you there!