Success: A Business Plan Writing Workshop, coming to Hamilton!

A business with no plan is a hobby.” – Danny Floh Back

Danny Floh Back is on a mission to inspire you to be an exceptional entrepreneurs.

He has devised a 5 step system to get your business thriving with a complete and effective business plan writing workshop.

The objective of the workshop is business plan writing and execution through 3 clear principles: FOCUS, CLARITY, and DISCIPLINE. We will create your Mission and Vision statements, and explore topics such as branding, finding your blue ocean, and maximizing tax benefits.

Participants will come out of the workshop with a clear understanding of what success will look like, where they want to take their business, and the road map to get it there.

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Some glowing testimonials from our last group in Toronto include:

“Danny’s business plan workshop takes a much different approach to the process of developing a business plan. His method of getting you to do some exercises and think about exactly what your business is before you even begin to write your plan is very practical and helpful to anyone whether they are already running a business or starting a new one.” – Michael Luke

“It’s the best thing I’ve done for my business this year.  Danny’s angle & 3 principles that always tied back to the plan challenged me to think in a much better and different way. Highly recommended for beginner to seasoned veterans, 5 Stars.” – Robert Gri

“Great way to turn my ocean of scattered business ideas into a clear, focused and useful business plan.” – Todd Britton

“Danny helps you define the cornerstones of your business. Once you know what they are, the rest is easy.” – Donny Lovering

The next 4-week workshop will take place in Alberton near Hamilton on May 15th and 29th 1:30-4:30PM.

The Hamilton Success Workshop cost is $300 +HST. The deposit is $150 and can be paid by cheque, e-transfer or cash to secure your spot.

Any and all questions regarding the workshop details or the deposit can be directed to

I look forward to helping you set and achieve your business goals.

To hear a sample from a recent seminar, download the audio here.

Who Is Danny Floh Back?

Danny was not always the CEO of a successful Toronto-based DJ company. For 10 years he DJed for different bars or companies, often not making much more than $100 a night, while holding down other day jobs to support his nightly craft.

In 2007, with a strong plan in place, he founded a company that has become one of the industries leading event DJ companies. Through his own experiences, devouring business books, working with strong mentors, and most recently as a professor of business at Centennial College, Danny has refined business educational elements and created a workshop for all types of entrepreneurs.