Graydon Hall has become a second home for us. We DJ weddings and events there on a weekly basis, sometimes multiple times in a weekend, and occasionally back-to-back in the same day. There are so many reasons why this venue is so popular as a premier Toronto event destination. As you read on, we hope to demonstrate our appreciation for this venue, and why we are so proud to serve their clients as an exclusive vendor.

Why Everyone Loves Graydon Hall

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There is no shortage of venues in Toronto to choose from for a reception, but there are few that can rival the splendour of Graydon Hall Manor. You’d be hard pressed to find a comparable manor house venue anywhere in the GTA to hold a regal wedding affair.

When the 29-room Georgian manor was built in 1936, orientation had clearly been studied with care. Seclusion of the garden would have made it a lovely personal backyard, but it truly makes for an ideal private wedding ceremony location. The garden front faces south-southeast, so as to give full sun to the gardens while securing protection from northwest winds, and permitting use of a shady terrace in the late afternoon. 

Once inside the manor house itself, you feel as though you have stepped back in time, as though visiting the dwelling of a wealthy royal family from the Bridgerton series, complete with iron gates, a glorious fountain, and cobblestone walkways.

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If you’ve ever attended an event at Graydon Hall, you are also likely to have noticed how incredible the quality of the food is. Along with being a beautiful venue, the food is equally praised to the surroundings, long after the impressions of stepping onto the grounds have set in.

What Clients Have To Say

In preparation for this article, we reached out to some of our recent clients and asked them to let you know what they loved about us, and their experience at Graydon Hall. Here’s just a sampling of what they had to say:

“We had multiple comments from our guests that Graydon Hall was the best venue they have ever been to – which is just the best possible compliment! We knew we had to get married there from the moment we saw it. There is a magic to it that we hadn’t experienced anywhere else. It made our wedding feel intimate yet luxe, personal but like a dream. One of our favourite things about the venue is that you don’t really need to do anything to it but show up! Every aspect indoor and out is perfection. This is key especially if you feel bogged down with wedding planning. And don’t even get us started on the food. All of our guests shared it was one of the best meals they’ve ever had – not just at a wedding. Food is key for a memorable guest experience and Graydon Hall really blew this aspect out of the water. The planning process was also a breeze, and their team is available for any and every little question you might have. 

“We knew we wanted to work with you from our first conversation. We weren’t confident in our ability to pick our music, and you really made us feel comfortable – we felt like you GOT us right off the bat. There were a couple lesser known tracks we used to describe our style and they turned out to be your favourites as well. What more could we ask for! You dedicated a lot of time pre wedding for us to feel super comfortable, and walk through every detail, which is an OCD brides dream! We really leaned on your experience with the venue and in general, as you gave us great run of show input. Overall, our wedding was an absolute fairy tale and we wouldn’t gave changed a thing!” – Kayla & Spencer

“We recently had our wedding at Graydon Hall with DJ Floh Back Productions. You came highly recommended from our venue, and I got a good feeling about you the very first time we spoke. I could tell you really cared and just wanted our wedding to be a success. When we met with you a week before our wedding I could tell we were in good hands. You understood our vibe and any stress or worries I had about the music completely melted away. The night was amazing! You did a great job at playing the music we wanted and reading the room. We had the best time and everyone loved the music.” – Sandra & Ari

From our first video call, your down-to-earth and approachable nature stood out. You embraced our less traditional approach, making the entire collaboration feel effortless and enjoyable. You helped fine-tune our wedding timeline and allowed us to see the schedule from a guest’s perspective. With thoughtful suggestions and minor adjustments, you ensured a seamless flow to the evening beyond just the music. Your flexibility and respect for our musical preferences were evident in your approach. Despite my unconventional mishmash of songs, you embraced the challenge and, together, we crafted a top 20 must-play list that added a unique and personal touch to the celebration. I’m more introverted than my husband and I had expectations that I might need dutch courage to get through the social expectations of the night. However, it turns out I didn’t find time for alcohol amidst all the dancing. To anyone looking for a DJ who not only delivers an incredible musical experience but also goes above and beyond to ensure the success of your wedding day, you are the perfect choice. Your attention to detail, guest-centric perspective, and commitment to creating a seamless flow make you an outstanding DJ in bringing wedding dreams to life.” – Lisa & Ali

“From the very first time we got off the phone with you, we knew we wanted to work with you. You were a calming influence in a stressful time. But you didn’t just talk the talk, you walked the walk as well. You were kind and attentive, personable yet professional. You made the process of planning better! As far as the services provided by your team, they were top notch. You asked the right questions and read the guests at our venue and managed to play the perfect soundtrack to our perfect day. We would absolutely choose to have your team for any future event.” – Amy & Chris

“We are thrilled with our decision to hire Team Floh Back for our celebration. From the very first reply from you, I knew we were in good hands. You were always super responsive, answered all of our questions and kept us in the loop every step of the way. Our DJ did an amazing job! After our initial conversation with him, we knew that Danny had selected the right DJ based on our musical preferences. He delivered an amazing night for us and our guests. He was great at reading the room and quickly changed directions if a song wasn’t working for the crowd. He played all of our favourites and incorporated both Persian and Polish music for our multi-cultural wedding and had everyone dancing all night and kept the energy going strong. We highly recommend Floh Back – you will not be disappointed!” – Gia & Tomasz

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We wanted to take a moment to recognize the team at GHM. Like the lyrics from the Cheers them song go, there is something so comforting about a place that you can walk in everyone knows your name. From Nicole and her events team, to the kitchen and banquet staff, everyone at Graydon Hall has a standard for excellence and takes great pride in creating the highest level of quality for the guests. We are honoured to be one of their exclusive partners, and we look forward to providing the soundtrack for your special event!

Thank you to our contributing photographers:

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