Best New Toronto Venues of 2012

I’m no BizBash columnist, but after 15 years in the industry in Toronto, I have enough experience on the ground to be able to credibly write an article of this nature.
So without any unnecessary fanfare, 
here are my choices for the coolest new venues of 2012 from a DJs prospective.
Disclaimer: this is based on venues I had not DJed in before this year, 
and are either new to events or have undergone major renos.

When Virgin Mobile is looking for a place to host their holiday party, you know it better be urban, sexy and cool.  With the right lighting and speaker positioning, we set the stage for an amazing night, accentuating the venue’s already magical qualities. 
Storys Building is similar to Queen Street’s Burroughes Building: centuries old former factory, converted to hip soiree spot, and an elevator that has seen more action than Pamela Anderson.  This venue has three floors, each with it’s own unique features, and some delectable inhouse catering.
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Storys Building photos by Nestor Brito

This summer we provided the soundtrack for the first event held in the furniture store across from the Rogers Centre in the roundhouse (next to Steamwhistle.)  The team at Karen Jacobs Consulting turned the space into a 400-person law firm summer fun party, complete with inflatable surfing wave and Manual Labour Coffee truck.
The space is a diamond in the rough for Toronto with its central location and huge capacity.  If you are lucky enough to snag this spot for a future event, consider yourself lucky: the plan is to only host a small handful of corporate events in the coming year.
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There is a reason everyone has been talking about Trump coming to town with such curiosity. Once inside the majestic new building, a quick elevator ride to the 8th or 9th floor and you enter into banquet rooms fit for celebrity.  Long and narrow, the rooms have plenty of white space to fill with lighting and decor.  
The recent return of ex-Distillery planner Stacey Fulcher as the new events manager gives the venue a giant golden star, timely with the bad press about the falling glass and high condo prices. 
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ARCADIAN COURT & LOFT – 401 Bay St., Simpson Tower 
In the 1970s, my mother was the catering manager at the Arcadian Court, apparently THE place for sophisticated women to lunch on chicken pot pie. With the recent renos, it’s now a hot spot to hold a private function.  In the past year we’ve done corporate events, product launches, fundraisers and weddings under the regal, high-arched ceilings, in large part to the events teams at Flip EventsBassett Events.

Growing up in North York, it still boggles my mind that I hadn’t entered this venue until this past year.  Deborah and her team are quite proud of the recent renos to the large banquet hall and the outdoor ceremony space, which has attracted the attention of some of Toronto’s top wedding planners. We’ve already received many requests for upcoming weddings there, so word has certainly gotten out.
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THE MARKET KITCHEN – 92 Front St. East
Last on our list is a space that is neither new nor reno’d, but makes the list for being damn cool.  Who wouldn’t want to host an event at the St. Lawrence Market?  The full-service kitchen is located on the second level, with an amazing overhead view of the food stalls, as well as a glass window looking out to the Flat Iron building and the rest of the city. In October we had one of the most fun weddings of the year there.  Not fancy by any stretch, but about as Toronto as you can get.
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Danny Floh Back
Danny Floh Back is the visionary behind Team Floh Back, Toronto's Top Event DJs specializing in corporate events and weddings. He is is also a Dean's List graduate and Chancellor's Scholar from Carleton University's Journalism department.

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